Value Orientation

Value Orientation is both a mindset and a skill set. It's all about framing every interaction with your key stakeholders (internal as well as external) around their desired business and operational outcomes. It's about understanding that you are the HOW... not the WHAT. Their goals are the centre of attention - you are simply the best means at their disposal. When using this highly counter intuitive approach, we actually increase our chances of influencing our key stakeholders and thus achieving OUR business and operational goals.

Being Value Oriented boils down to four behaviours:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 16.28.21.png
  1. Listen for value - discovering what your key stakeholders desire through “Consultative Dialog”.
  2. Think Value - considering what you have to offer filtered through their desired value.
  3. Communicate Value - presenting your ideas as a means (How) to achieving their desired value (What).
  4. Act Value - prioritising your daily tasks in a way that maximises value to your key stakeholders.

Success Metrics

(a) How to adopt a value oriented mindset;
(b) How to scope the client’s true needs using “Value Discovery” and “Consultative Dialog”;
(c) How to build a "Value Dashboard" for each of our most critical key stakeholders;
(d) How to increase our ability to influence our key stakeholders....without authority.



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