4 important pre-requisites that can help determine a manager’s readiness for their first executive leadership role.

Being promoted to a VP position is not like any other promotion.  It represents a dramatic leap forward into an entire new category of positions in large companies.  

The Gatekeeper IS the KEY

The Gatekeeper IS the KEY

"Do you want to know why you really got this job?"

 This 26th floor open bar was viewing the fifth avenue. It was late, I agree, but not inappropriate or misconduct. This beautiful, red haired, woman sitting on the edge of the bar, leaning towards me, burning me with her bright blue eyes was a friend and a co-worker, in that order.

 “Well?" she asked.

 "’They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue – that's what I did.  I proved myself worthy.

 Jenny grinned. "That’s charming," she said, "...but quoting The Untouchables – though it truly is a fabulous movie – did not get you the job."

 I decided to take a different approach…

How to save thousands... and lose millions when producing your annual company event.

If you've been to an annual Sales Kick Off, you know just how much money is spent on these lavish productions - and that's before I calculate the indirect costs of having your top revenue generating team take a few days "off".

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for it. 

Invest in the most valuable competitive differentiator you can have: TRUST

Invest in the most valuable competitive differentiator you can have: TRUST

Relationship building & management is emerging as one of the most effective ways, and necessary skills, for generating positive experience and real trust among clients of larger international corporations. 

Producing a successful offsite 6 part series

 Producing a successful offsite 6 part series

The questions I kept asking myself over the years were: What’s the winning formula for offsites?  Is there a universal formula for producing a highly successful offsite – both in business and HR terms (as far as generating lasting impact and motivation among its participants?

The answer was a resounding YES.  

How to build an AMAZING 60 second pitch

You have a great idea.  You’ve created an amazing investor presentation.  Things are happening!  Now it’s time to get out there and tell your story.  Start-up competitions and Demo Days are excellent opportunities to speak to audiences of hundreds, consisting of potential investors, strategic partners and even end users.  The only catch: you’ve got to be able to get up on their stage and knock their socks off with a pitch that’s no longer than 60 seconds!

Is it possible? Absolutely!