Online, virtual simulation lab for 21st century soft skill development

HowDidIDo allows for the simple capturing of training simulations in video format and their later review by various types of experts of your choosing, wherever they may be. 

  1. Recorded simulations can be conducted as part of a classroom training exercises or from the comfort of your home
  2. Videos and feedbacks can be accessed long after the training program is over.  
  3.  Eliminates the need to invest in costly infrastructure or face to face related training expenses.



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Sales enablement 

Encourages more frequent and independent “local” learning efforts by managers and trainees who wish to receive more timely training support which relates to immediate business and operational challenges they are facing.
HowDidIDo can also be used to conduct “dry runs” with key stakeholders within your organization, without having to actually meet them.


With HowDidIDo there are practically no limits to the number of students that can conduct simulations at any given time as  students can use their personal hand held devices to submit simulations and receive feedbacks which means no investment in physical infrastructure for the school. Thanks to HDID, less class time needs to be dedicated to simulations and the faculty can afford to take the time to carefully review each recorded simulation and offer students highly specific and detailed feedback at their convenience.  


Whether you're an entrepreneur giving a 60 second pitch, a keynote speaker at a convention, or a manager delivering a corporate presentation, HowDidIDo allows you to receive end to end guidance customized to your specific needs and speaker profile. 





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